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A picture from 1904 — yes, 1904 — of a man smiling while eating rice. (Laufer/AMNH)

You rarely find old photographs where the subjects are smiling. This photo, taken in 1904, depicts a Chinese man eating a cup of rice, dubbed ‘the happiest man in China’ (officially titled “Eating rice, China” and originally captioned “Chinaman eating rice”).

The photographer, famous sinologist Berthold Laufer, was sent to Asia for three years by the American Museum of Natural History, officially to understand the day-to-day Chinese life, and unofficially to scout for potential business opportunities with China. Laufer collected over 7,500 objects for the museum that he felt represented Chinese life, and but took very few photos because he didn’t even bring a camera with him to China.

So, why is the subject in the photo striking such a happy pose? Cameras were a rare commodity in China at the time, and unlike the western world, which established their own emotionless photography etiquette, the man in the photo likely didn’t know what to do. So, he picked up his chopsticks and bowl and smiled :)

You can read more about it here.

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