011: "China Shock" jobs, equations for fun, and philosophy in k-pop


Has our conception of time changed? Is prioritization of speed at fault?

It feels like as load times decrease, we become more impatient. Fifteen years ago, we had no problem waiting five or ten seconds for a webpage to load. Today, we’re more likely to close a webpage if it doesn’t immediately load rather than wait for it to do so.

What happened to those ten seconds?


  • Your Tax Return Is None of My Business. The argument for publishing all tax returns is silly. I can see why people want to know where politicians are getting their money from, but why drag 300 million innocent people into this mess? It opens up a route for income-based discrimination.

  • The Impact of Chinese Trade on US Employment. I’ve always been confused by all the “China took our jobs, we lost our jobs” claims. If China really had taken that many jobs, shouldn’t the state of the economy be a lot worse if a lot of people were unemployed? It turns out that about 1/3 of the “China Shock” losses in manufacturing came from firms that switched to non-manufacturing codes. Numbers do lie, folks.

  • The Struggle to Save the Soviet Economy. The Soviets and Chinese had similar rules regarding agriculture, state-owned enterprises and foreign trade. Why did they work in China and not the USSR?




What makes Japan’s streets so alluring?

As one Twitter user pointed out, it’s the lack of on-street parking. Streets are a lot smaller and more walkable. You’re legally required to find a place to store the car, and it can’t be on the street. There are often elevator-like mechanisms where you can store your car, but even driving is rare when public transit is so well planned.

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